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These are the things you can do to reduce electricity use.

  • Switch off unused lights and appliances.
  • Switch off your computer when you've finished using it. Contrary to urban legend it does not damage the computer. You can save $100 a year by doing this.
  • Set up your power management to turn the screen off if not being used. Screen savers do not save power! (Go to Power Management in control panel)
  • Switch appliances off at the wall instead of leaving them on standby and remember to turn off mobile phone chargers too when you’ve finished using them. This could save you up to $100 a year.
  • Choose when you use your heated towel rail - instead of having your heated towel rail on continuously; use it for only a few hours per day. You can save $70-$140 a year by doing this.
  • Pull the plug on your second fridge – you can save up to $300 a year by getting rid of your old inefficient beer fridge or freezer.
  • Make use of the sun – dry your laundry on the clothes line whenever possible instead of using a dryer. Keeping windows clean and free from overhanging trees is another way of taking advantage of sunlight to warm your home.
  • Use cold wash whenever possible – using the warm wash option uses as much energy as using the dryer and using the hot wash option uses twice as much. (Many front loading machines cannot do a cold wash)
  • Load your washing machine to capacity or use a lower water level – most people are surprised when they see how many clothes their washing machine can handle. Weigh a trial load to get a feel for what a full machine load looks like.
  • Rinse dishes under cold water instead of rinsing them under the hot tap. Check your dishwasher instructions. Most dishwashers do not require dishes to be rinsed!
  • Close the curtains just before dark to keep the heat in.
  • Use the right sized element for the saucepan you are using when you are cooking, so heat doesn’t escape around the sides. And use a lid to keep the heat in.
  • Take a short shower You can do it in 10 minutes.
  • Only boil as much water as you need for tea or coffee. It’s quicker too!

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